Moon Shadow


The Moon shadow project is a relatively small window to be installed in an outside door. The door faces onto a lawn with a lake a short distance away. In other words there is plenty of light around so I decided to do something a bit darker and aim for an atmospheric scene.

What better than the moon at night.

The original design was created by a truly amazing artist, Michelle Hendry, whose work you must view here at her website

It looks like a drawing, and has been created using copper foil. I really liked it as soon as I saw it.

The final stages:

I am finding with my later projects how important the final stages are in a piece. I pay more and more attention to ensuring that I remove all the cement from the tightest corners of the lead work and concentrate on the brushing of the lead, too, to give it that wonderful deep lustre. I always finish off with graphite and then give the whole piece a good buffing. Getting that rich, dark shine in the lead looks great.

The finished window:

Check it out! I was worried that the dark blue glass in combination with the jet black and opaque glass would be too dark, but it looks great.

Click the image for a slightly larger version.