Blues Lamp


The Blues project was to create a new panel to go on a lamp frame.

This first image shows what the original panel looked like.

The lamp was bought from IKEA and was quite nice, but we wanted something which would be more harmonious with the colours and style of the rest of the room.

Being mostly straight lines and quite small at 56cm x 25cm, the panel went together quite easily and quickly.

One error which I must admit to is with one of the circular pieces. It is not difficult to do them but in concentrating on getting the lead to fit around one of the pieces exactly I didn’t notice that I’d flipped it over. The heavily embossed glass used for the circles has a textured and a non-textured side. Naturally I would have preferred to have had all the textured sides on the same side of the panel. Not a disaster but another lesson learned the hard way.

The wall lamp with the new panel. Love it.

Notice that the two circles line up with the two bulbs behind them. That, of course, was intentional and guided the design somewhat.

And from a distance.

Maybe I will get a piece of frosted glass to go behind or even put a layer of frosted plastic there to hide the lamp’s inner workings.