Landing Window


The Landing Window project was for the repair and redesign of a pair of windows on the landing of the client’s house.

The two windows to be replaced didn’t quite match the remaining windows. They had a dark orange band, which made them look dull and lifeless. They also had several broken pieces.

A new design was required, which would be simpler and brighter than the original. Out went the orange and in came larger areas of frosted clear glass and a deep blood red to hold the viewer’s attention. The overall design was similar to the original, but brighter.

The template:

The two windows were slightly different sizes because one was set in a fixed frame, whereas the other one opened. Therefore, there were two templates, with the inner design being identical for each and the difference in size between them accommodated by varying the width of the border.

The result of the first window.

Lots of tight curves and small pieces of glass. Quite tricky.

The finished product:

The top two panels in the photograph are the ones I replaced. They match very well with the existing lower panels with the possible exception of the frosted clear glass, which is a completely different style. A later project will be to take the lower panels apart and replace the clear glass and a couple of broken pieces.

Overall a spectacular result.