Top Panels Front Door

This project involved the reconstruction of two near-identical panels to go at the top of a front door.
Quite a lot of the glass could be salvaged and reused.
The second panel with roughly the same amount of reusable glass, once it had been cleaned up a bit.
In order to reuse as much of each panel as possible I had to create two separate cartoons, since the panels were not exactly identical. I also had to research the pink textured glass to find a match. Unfortunately, the pink glass, probably getting on for 100 years old, is no longer available but I was able to find a closely matching modern equivalent.
All the glass cut for the first panel.
Construction process for the second panel. Look closely and you can just make out the replacement glass to complete the pink border; they are pieces 21 and 22 on the left hand side. The texture on the new glass is much shallower than the original.
A really nice finished panel. Two of them, almost identical, and looked great back in the door.
Finished and fitted from the inside; and now the right way up.
From the outside with me trying my hand at some modelling, doh!