Lillies the Traditional Way


Another front door project. This time the brief was to match existing windows beside and above the door. Luckily the next door neighbour had exactly the same designs and they conveniently allowed me to take pictures and a greaseproof paper rubbing so that I could match the traditional Victorian design, and, therefore, also have a guide when choosing the glass.

The design:

The original design was taken from the neighbour’s front door:

The cartoon:

An accurate cartoon was the first stage, as ever. The paper rubbing came in most useful at this time to ensure that I got the proportions right. I was careful to get each part of the design in just the right place.

Into the leading stage:

It was tricky cutting the 57 pieces (that’s 114 in total for the two panels!). And with 13 different types of glass I had to be meticulous with my numbering. As usual with most pieces having at least one curved edge it was important to keep the nails in place as I built each window up.

The leading of the first window is complete:

I can tell that we are looking at the first window, even though the pair are (pretty much) identical, because I can see the second roundel leaning up against the wall in the background. Haha!

And here are the completed windows:

Beautiful result. Very traditional. Will look fantastic when they are mounted in the front door.

Click the image for a slightly larger version.