The Tulip project was to reuse the remains of a side window in a house which had had double glazing fitted.

There were some nice pieces of coloured glass and it was a shame to just throw them away.

Since there was no window for the panel to go in it is displayed in a prominent position using an artist’s easel.

The design was based on the original with some adjustments in the top, centre, to make way for a tulip head, from which the piece gains its title (obviously). tulip0
The final piece consists of two quite different types of glass. The tulip flower is the very rich blood red glass which is very modern and the other coloured glass is from the 1930s. Very different manufacturing techniques and different texture. This is not noticeable from a distance.

In any case, the result is colourful and pretty.

Presented on an easel:

Free standing and easily moved around. The panel can be oriented to capture as much light as possible.