Shower Man

My biggest project so far. Six windows forming a ‘T’ in the hallway of a flat, much enhancing a kitchen and bathroom.

The client conceptualised the incredibly interesting design: a man showering in an upside down position with the water streaming over him. What a great idea?

The original concept.
Interestingly, for the first time, the designs could be printed directly from the images created in the software package used. I cut them up and stuck them together, ending up with wonderfully accurate cartoons.

Included there is the list of colours we intended to use. All 13 of them.

Here we have a virtual in-situ mock up of the entire set. What a great way to visualise what the final set of panels will look like.
We knew it was going to be amazing in the end.
It was the usual process of choosing the glass, cutting, leading and finishing.

Once all six panels were completed it took just a morning to fit them all into the frames.


The original glass was an ordinary mottled clear glass; what the trade call ‘toilet’ glass. The new panels are a great improvement, especially at night with subdued light shining through.