Lillies, a modern version

Lilies seem to be a very popular subject for stained glass windows as they come up all the time. This project concerned replacing a frosted internal window with something much more interesting.

The design:

The original design was found by searching the web for any picture featuring one or more lilies.

As with other designs I find on the web, this one could not have been used without some adjustment, as the lead version could not have been successfully made exactly like that; the top flower would need to touch the left hand border.

The cartoon:

An accurate cartoon was the first stage, as ever.

Into the leading stage:

Quite a number of individual pieces and mostly curves.

You will notice that at the time I took this snap I had not decided on the colour to make the stamen in each flower.  I eventually opted for a grey, which looks just right in the finished product.

And here is the completed window:

The colours work well together and match really well with the wall paper and general decoration of the room (not shown).