Candle Window


The Candle project involved copying the design of a bay window, and setting the new window beside the bay in a front door.

The client had accidentally broken the window some years previously and had fitted toughened glass in its place. That didn’t look very nice, so the objective was to make the new window match the existing one.

We couldn’t quite make out what the design was supposed to represent. Nevertheless, we ploughed on and you can see how the new window turned out, although at the time of writing the client had not got around to actually fitting the window into the door.

Here’s the original bay window and the door: candle0
To match the design exactly, I started by taking a greaseproof paper impression of the existing window: candle1
Use the tracing to create the cartoon. Carefully recreating the design in the centre. I adjusted, very slightly, the size of the squares onto which the candle itself was superimposed, so that they were evenly proportioned, albeit a slightly different size to the squares of the bay. I guessed correctly that the difference would not be noticeable when the window is installed, whereas, different sizes of squares or half a square, within the design itself, would stick out like a sore thumb. candle2
Developing the window. The cartoon is finished and the border glass is cut: candle3
At this stage all the glass has been cut: candle4
Putting it all together. Here I am at the tricky central area, which involved the usual juggling to get the curved glass pieces to fit correctly together. candle5
Here the leading is finished. Just have to solder the entire piece on both sides and insert the putty-cement: candle6
It is done. Looks great.  I must try to get a snap of it in the door. candle8