Blue Diamonds


The Blue diamonds project was for the front door of a Victorian terraced house. The door was in pretty poor condition. The person who had fitted the glass panels had made a real hash of it. The objective, therefore, was to repair the wood and replace the panels with something nice.

Since all three panels were being replaced we could do whatever we wanted and the design was a collaboration between myself and the client.

This is a picture of the door in its first stage of repair. The old panels have been removed and replaced with 4mm plain glass. The flaky paint has been removed and the damaged areas filled with plastic wood, which I find ideal for that kind of light repair work, and which looks perfect once it has had a primer and a couple of top coats. russayndie0
The template:

This is the design for the upright panels and the horizontal panel was based on this with the proportions adjusted appropriately.

Being mostly straight lines it turned out to be pretty easy to cut, and all three panels went together without any issues at all.

The lower cartoon is the design for the panel above the door. For this panel I used only clear, frosted glass so that there would be no competition, colour-wise, between the door and the panel above it. We decided upon frosted glass in order to provide some privacy.


Cutting the glass:

Straight lines are easy to get right first time, so the cutting phase went quite quickly. However, with all four panels having a fair amount of detail there were rather a lot of individual pieces. Nevertheless, quite fun.

Assembling the top panel:

The top panel was quite large at 80cm across.

Top panel complete:

The top panel went together very easily and we carried the diamond and chevron effect over from the door panels.

Project completion:

The biggest project I had taken on. Four separate pieces. Common theme. Tricky fittings. Great fun.