Landing Window Repair


Old windows get damaged by the weather. Most often this is from the wind blowing on them constantly, and this project was to fix two pieces in a window caused by this very problem.

Crack number one. A piece of heavily textured clear glass.

The lead is 10mm on three sides and 5.5mm on the fourth side.  So, this fix was a little tricky. Fortunately the lead was in reasonable condition.

Crack number two. A piece of textured yellow glass.

The lead around this one was not in very good condition. I had to be careful not to treat it too roughly or it would break. That would mean I’d have to rebuild the window; not on my list of todos.

I could not get the right glass (no surprise there I am afraid).  So I used a more modern version, with enough texture to fool the casual glance. landingrepair2
I could not find the right yellow glass, either. Again, just using something similar will not be noticed by anyone walking past the window. landingrepair3
The result is not too bad. I would have preferred an exact match with the glass, but it doesn’t notice too much and I have made a mental note to redo the entire window at some point anyway. landingrepair4