Web Coffee Table

The Web project was to create a new piece, which was to be inlaid in a coffee table.

The idea for the design came from some browsing on the world wide web. I actually looked for a spider’s web design and after experimenting with lots of drawings of an entire web I drew just a quarter web, and that looked right.

Cutting the glass needed some care because if the points are at too sharp of an angle the glass will fracture very easily. The transition from one curve to the next had to be very smooth to avoid that.

The final piece.

Really nice final product.

Inlaid in the coffee table:

I made the coffee table, too. It is shown here with four coasters to protect the wood.

The original design for that called for a box in the centre to hold potpourri. Quite naturally I much preferred something in glass.

A piece of 4mm clear glass has since been placed over the top because the wood is a soft, light coloured pine and would show every mark (i.e. red wine rings!).


Over the summer the coffee table was stored in the studio at the bottom of the garden. Something fell on it and the glass top was broken in several pieces.

I managed to reuse most of the glass and just needed to add a central square of some other reclaimed glass. Cost? Almost nothing, as I also had some spare lead cames from a recent new build. Just needed to buy the corner beading around the edge to finish it nicely.

I like that a lot.