One of my previous projects was to replace the top two panels in a large window with new ones, which complemented the design and used more pleasing glass. I always quite liked the bottom panels and decided to incorporate part of that design in a new window, just for fun.

Have a look at the Landing Window project from the Traditional menu above and you’ll see the leaf design in the two bottom panels, lower down the page.

This is the portion of the landing window that I wanted to capture and reproduce in the new window.

Quite nicely shaped leaves. Texture and colours I quite liked, too.

I didn’t want the new piece to be merely a reproduction of the original so I added the ivy trailing up the right hand side. This became the focus of the entire piece and I tried to capture that distinctive ivy-leaf shape, which I really like. ivy2
Here we are, after the glass has been cut. Already I could see that the window was going to work well. ivy3
This is the final piece. Not mounted but up against the studio window with the garden behind. ivy4
The wall in the cabin where the window is going to go.

So, now all I had to do was cut a hole in the wall and insert the window. Add a very simple and coarse traditional Swedish-style wooden frame and we have another ticked box.

Here’s how it looks completed. ivy6
I like it very much. ivy7
Update. I decided to put a hatch over the window so that when we sleep in the cabin we can reduce the glare from the morning sun.

Made from the pieces of shiplap that I cut out to make the window. Took about 15 minutes to make and looks great.